What is CAT(Common Admission Test)? 

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a computer-based test. The purpose of the test is to quantify the ability of candidate on the basis of Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability (VA) and Reading Comprehension (RC), Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR). The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) were the one to start this exam and now with them, many premium India based business schools use the test score as a benchmark for selecting students for their business administration programs. 


Top 5 CAT Coaching Institutes In Delhi/NCR Region:

We’ve shortlisted some of the best CAT coaching institutes with centers in Delhi/NCR region:

  1. Alchemist
  2. T.I.M.E
  3. Career Launcher
  4. BYJU’S
  5. PT Education


Website: www.alchemistindia.com

Address:- A-25/4, Middle Circle, Block A, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Phone: 011-45304441/2/3

Alchemist is a highly competitive company led by professionals from India`s leading Management and Technical Institutes, the IIM and the IIT.

The pedagogy at Alchemist is commendable. It encourages you to think unconventionally and helps you to look at the same problem from numerous perspectives.

The mentors allotted at Alchemist, to assess and help each student individually. At all the Alchemist Center’s, there are dedicated study areas for students which they call the “Study Zone” where the students sit and study throughout the day with like-minded people, get instant help and utilize the time which would have other vice wasted in commuting or not getting right study environment.

Another unique feature of Alchemist is its flexible schedule. You can do any module as many times as you want till you get super confident. Also you can choose your faculty, you can study the same subject from different faculties as well. They also provide video lectures so you can revise your concepts anytime.

Alchemist`s training programme for CAT is tailor-made to prepare you for CAT as well as other entrance exams like XAT, MAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT etc. The programme is designed to take you from the basic concepts to the CAT level, focusing on each area of preparation including the WAT, Form Filling, GDPI`s, EW and DM.



Triumphant Institute of Management Education (TIME)

Website: www.time4education.com

Address: 12,Top Floor, Scindia House, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Phone: 011 4362 6300

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) was established in 1992.They have a set pattern with little deviations.

T.I.M.E serves you a tested and tried the dish with adequate quality controls. They have a system in place and they stick to it. Apart from CAT, T.I.M.E institute also guides students on MAT, GMAT, XAT, GRE etc. T.I.M.E institute offers Classroom Program along with Mock Test Series.

Apart from conducting mock tests, T.I.M.E institute also organizes a number of seminars touching and covering almost every aspect of CAT. These seminars are worth attending.

Career Launcher

Website: www.careerlauncher.com

Address: A-18, First Floor, Ram House, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Phone: 91-11-47772100

Another potential CAT coaching institute in Delhi is Career Launcher which was established in the year 1994.The quality of faculty varies from center to center and the variations are huge. The funda books and classroom sheets provided at the CL Center’s are based on the difficulty level of actual CAT exam. Also, the series of mock tests offered to the students are updated as per the latest exam pattern. CL’s material and test series are a good package for overall preparation.



Website: www.byjus.com/cat

Phone: +91 92435 00460


BYJU’S – The Learning App is the popular brand name for Think and Learn Private Ltd., a Bengaluru-based Educational technology (edtech) and online tutoring company that has recently received large-scale attention from students across India and attracted investors from across the globe. It was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Their flagship product is a smartphone app named BYJU’S-The Learning App that was made available since August 2015. The App serves educational content mainly to school students from classes 4 to 12 (primary to higher secondary level education). Besides, the company trains students for competitive examinations in India such as IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS as well as for international examinations such as GRE and GMAT.

The main focus is on mathematics and science, where the concepts are visually explained and in context using modern digital animations and moving illustrations, all embedded within short videos (15-20 minutes long). The app has received criticism for few issues such as lack of depth in some areas, overly simplistic treatment of some basic topics, and lack of within-lecture student-teacher interaction. In spite of the critical opinion and competition from other players (including Edtech startups and traditional education firms), the app has received tremendous popularity. BYJU’s reports to have about 8 million users overall and about 4 lakh paid subscribers on an annual basis and an annual retention rate of about 90%.


Website: www.pteducation.com

Address:- PT Education HQ, Yeshwant Plaza, Opp Railway Station, Indore 452001

Phone:+91 97555 99511 / 15


PT education was born on the 10th of July 1993 in a small garage at Indore, when an IIT graduate with IIM calls in hand started training students for MBA entrance exams. PT was originally called Professional Tutorials. Now it has evolved into a large education brand, and has trained more than 5 lac students across India since 1993.



Every institute has their own pros and cons so declaring any institute as top would not be fair, as every student also have their own priorities, hence we’ve prepared a generic list of comparison of major points every student looks for before selecting which institute to go for:



  Alchemist TIME Career Launcher Byju’s PT Education
Average Batch Size 25 50-55 45 Online Online
Individual Attention

(Approx. on the basis of number of students)







Pedagogy Concept Worksheets Funda Books Worksheets Worksheets
Approach Modular Batch System Batch System Online Online
Faculties Same at all the Center`s Varies Center to Center Varies Center to Center Only 2 Trainers Only 1 Trainers
Book Material Average Good Good Online Videos – Good Online Videos – Average
Test Series Good Good Very Good Average Average
Doubt Sessions  

Yes (Individual Sessions as well)


Yes (Only In Batch) Yes (Only in Batch) Yes NO (Email the queries)
Schedule Flexibility  



Yes (Student Can Choose Their Time Slots for every class)

No No Yes Yes
Weekend Classes Yes Yes Yes Online Classes Online Classes
Mentorship Yes (1 on 1) No Yes (15 on 1) Yes No
Repetitive Classes Yes (‘n’ number of times student like)  



Yes Yes Yes



In our attempt to provide a holistic view to the students, so that they are able to choose the best institutes

we have identified major issues that students face while preparation and how the institutes tackle them:-

Problems that students face :-


  • Batch strength:-some of the institutes have batches which have more than 70 students and some have restricted the no. of students to 10. We would suggest students to join an institute where the no. of students are less in the class but enough for discussions so 20- 25 would be a good number
  • Flexibility of choosing time slots:-If a student joins a batch at a particular time or on a particular day for e.g.,Mon, Wed, Fri- 4pm, then he is forced to come on that day at that time .All the institutes mentioned above have a batch system. There is only one institute according to our survey that allows you to choose your day, time and center as they have a modular approach.
  • Backups/ repetition:-We have realised that it is very difficult for the institutes to provide back up. As Alchemist follows a modular approach it is easy for them to provide backups.
  • Faculty:- In most of the institutes students have their preference of faculty members, but you cannot choose your faculty member, some institutes have only B.Tech graduates teaching the students, we saw that in Alchemist the faculty members are from top institutes themselves. Also students said that the best thing was that you could choose the faculty you want to study from .
  • Doubt sessions:- it has been observed and reported by many students that teachers are busy and are not able to solve the doubts. Different institutes have different approaches to clear doubts. we have found that most institutes while promise to provide the faculty time for doubts are unable to do that as the faculty is busy in teaching, in certain institutes you need to mail the center head to be able to get a doubt session, generally on an average we have seen it take around 20 days to get a doubt session. But there is one institute which has found an innovative solution to this problem. The institute is Alchemist, it has created a know doubt application which is much better than a WhatsApp group which is used by some institutes.

In know doubt you get the answers of the questions easily, separate links are made so that you don`t need to find the question and the answer, your no. doesn’t get displayed to everyone also when you join the group you can see the previous questions that were discussed in the chat.

  • Individual attention:- it is impossible to get individual attention in an institute which has over 70 students, individual attention can only happen in institutes which have lesser no. of students. After discussions with students from all institutes we realised that there is one institute which provides 1:1 mentorship to the students. An IIM/FMS faculty member becomes your mentor at the time of joining Alchemist
  • Test series:- it has been observed that the quality of questions is the same across all the test series, also it is desirable to take a test series which is taken by maximum no. of students. Two test series are worth mentioning TIME and Career launcher. The level of questions in TIME is higher than career launcher and we would suggest you to join the same.
  • Basic concept clearing sessions:-If you have not studied maths till your 12th we would suggest you to join Alchemist because they provide basic modules of maths.
  • Book material:- we would strongly suggest you to choose the book material of Career launcher even if you join some other institute try getting the books of Career launcher.